Guardian Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Arnis
ba gua style kung fu

Bagua style Kung Fu is a traditional martial art updated for urban self-defence taught right here in Victoria BC by an instructor with over 20 years experience in martial arts. Students will learn forms, drills, partnering drills, sparring, sticky hands, body sensitivity, kicks and strikes all under careful supervision. Students will also learn to stay mobile on their feet, and to avoid and to apply sweeps, throws, and chokes. Based Kung Fu - Bagua Styleupon the I-Ching (The Book of Changes), and rumored to be derived from numerous older Shaolin styles, the essence of Bagua Kung Fu is the art of the transfer or the change. Bagua style Kung Fu uses internal martial arts principles, and teaches mind body unity. The focus for Bagua Kung Fu as it is taught by Guardian Martial Arts in Victoria BC is urban self-defence and health - no point competitions, no point sparring, no fancy moves that do not have direct fighting or health benefit, and no demos.

There is a form to learn (the modified Cheng Sher "small" and "large" palms), but the form is challenging for even those who are physically fit (although it is perfect for those with previous injuries) and therefore is only taught to advanced students. Unlike other martial arts, the challenging Bagua form and "soft" style of practice is formulated to rehabilitate and avoid personal injuries, not cause more. Ba gua style kung fu is part of the Chinese health system, and many people use Bagua exercises and principles to rehabilitate old injuries with great success. At Guardian Martial Arts, we have analyzed numerous martial arts schools across Canada, taken what works, thrown out what doesn't work or has a greater chance of injuring students in training, and constructed a solid system to teach in Victoria BC. Coupled with Arnis for weapons self-defence, Bagua style Kung Fu is a robust and efficient system for modern urban self-defence and health, while still retaining the traditional flavor of the art.

Kung Fu classes are fully integrated with Arnis and Self-defence. For class times please check here.

Self Defence

Predators ARE out there. Learn practical empty hand and weapons based self-defense tactics from a 20 year veteran in self-defense.

Are you often nervous or afraid walking alone at night? Violence CAN happen to you if you let it. Basic self-defense classes or workshops can offer no nonsense, straight forward techniques for dealing with armed or unarmed aggressors. In seminars, we use Arnis, Kung Fu, basic ground fighting, close quarter combat, and control (Chin Na) techniques in order to restrain or deter our attacker. We also use and train against open hand and weapon based attacks. The movements and exercises we use come from numerous martial arts, including external style kung fu, kickboxing, Mui Thai, Ba Gua, Tai Chi, Arnis, Jeet Kun Do, JuJitsu, grappling, just to name a few.

At Guardian Martial Arts we know Victoria can be a dangerous city at night, with a high percentage of drug related street crime and violent knife attacks. Did you know that Victoria has the second highest crime rate in ALL of Canada, second only to Vancouver?

Self-defence, kung fu, Arnis classes are all fully integrated. For more information on regular self-defence classes check out our schedule.

arnis escrima filipino martial arts

Arnis, otherwise known as Escrima or Kali, is the Spanish name of the traditional martial art of the Philipines. Known for its vicious stick, machete and knife fighting, Arnis martial arts is unsurpassed in smallArnis Excrima Knife Practice melee weapon self-defence (the kind of small weapons you are most likely to be confronted with when attacked here in Victoria). Students at Guardian Martial Arts will learn to use traditional Arnis methods in a practical, and current urban setting. Nothing fancy, or that doesn't work under stress on the streets, or in full contact full adrenaline sparring. The main system being adapted is the Arnis Alambra system (this system is from another family and has nothing to do with the Modern Arnis system), although the chief instructor is also very influenced by the Kali of Inosanto, and various Dog Brothers martial arts.

Arnis uses partner drills, sensitivity drills, exercises, stick drills, knife drills, and repetition to build a solid martial art, and a serious weapons defence system. Students will practice flow drills, scenario drills, and spar under close supervision. Traditional Arnis traps, locks, disarms, chokes, strikes, and throws are all updated for a modern, no-nonsense urban setting. Coupled with bagua style kung fu (for the heavy throws, sticky hands, and hand/body sensitivity), arnis stick take down Arnis is a robust system that is perfect for practitioners who want to learn the very best in weapons and urban self-defence. Little is more dangerous than a small hand weapon (like a knife) when rolling on the ground. Arnis includes some groundwork and grappling has been added to reflect the reality of current trends in martial arts, and street fighting and submission / knockout dojo sparring. Hands down, no other martial art prepares you as fully for knife or bludgeoning defence as Arnis, and GMA keeps urban street defence at the fore of their teaching philosophy.

Arnis, Kung Fu, and Self Defence classes are fully integrated for a well rounded experience. For class times please check here. We do occasionally offer weekend self-defence work shops. Please contact us for information.

Tai Chi

Are you looking for an internal meditative exercise like Yoga that reduces stress and promotes correct posture and physical fitness? Styles such as Tai Chi, and Kung Fu styles such as Ba Gua are traditional Chinese internal martial arts. An "internal" martial art is one that focuses on the meditative aspects of martial training. These martial arts are EXCELLENT for reducing stress, improving posture, and total body well being.

GMA has formulated stress reducing martial arts exercises using Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and Cheng Sher Ba Gua Zhan techniques. These techniques have no contact or touching of other people. It's fun and a great way to relieve stress and work out. Personally, I find it is better than yoga, as there is less chance to hurt yourself. And unlike Yoga, Tai Chi does not require uncomfortable work outs in a room which is too hot and with people who are too sweaty!

Currently Guardian Martial Arts is offering Tai Chi classes at VI Fitness: Gordon Head location. Please contact us for times.