Guardian Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Arnis

Chief Instructor







Joshua J. Bachynski, BA, MA

Josh is an accomplished instructor with approximately 20 years experience in martial arts and 13 years experience teaching.

Josh has been awarded instructor standing in (3) separate martial arts from schools across Canada: Kung Fu (Tiger Claw Kung Fu, Wpg, MB), Cheng Sher Ba Gua Kung Fu (Nanaimo School of Internal Arts, NA, BC), and Arnis (Fredriksen's Combative Arts, NA, BC). Josh has trained in various Kung Fu styles such as Hungar, Wing Chun, Yin Fu Ba Gua, Cheng Sher Ba Gua, and a tiny amount of Ma Gui Ba Gua, and recently Jeet Kune Do.

Josh has also trained in modern styles including Arnis / Escrima, Full Contact Stick Fighting, combat JuJitsu, Grappling, Boxing, Kick Boxing, and Canadian Military close quarter fighting techniques. His main modern style is Arnis / Escrima and Full Contact Stick Fighting. Josh has also attended and helped deliver numerous seminars and special courses including self-defense, Arnis, and women's self-defense, and others. He has essentilly adapted all these styles into his own style of kung fu / arnis which he now teaches in Victoria BC for street self-defence and fitness purposes. He also practices Tai Chi (modified Yang Style), some Chi Gong, and meditation techniques.

Josh tries to make complex and difficult martial arts training FUN. Contact Josh today for martial arts training.