Guardian Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Arnis

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Sunday
Private Lessons Available - 7am - 7pm
(By Appointment Only)


Private Lesson: $50 or 5 for $200
(exact change, cash only)



For your first class, just bring your fee, comfortable clothes and indoor non-marking running shoes.

Eventually, students should bring the following equipment if they have it:

  • Mouth guard
  • Cup, groin protection
  • Rash Guard or long sleeve shirt
  • Proper shoes (if training indoors, bring non-marking indoor court shoes)

For stick / knife fighting, or any serious drills or sparring, students should eventually bring:

  • Sabre mask, or other form of head protection (e.g. goalie mask, kickboxing mask)
  • Arnis sticks, aluminum training knife
  • bag gloves, hockey gloves, or lacrosse gloves

If in doubt, call or email before your class. The answer will be "Don't worry, just bring yourself, your fee, and whatever comfortable clothes and good shoes you have."


  • Private Training Room
  • Private Instruction - Learn FASTER
  • Kick ass workout!
  • Modern effectiveness with traditional flavor

If the mailto does not work or for any questions email: guardianmavicbc at

Bear Mountain
1400 Lynburne Place