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PRIVATE Training - Kung Fu (Ba Gua Zhan), Arnis, Tai Chi, and Self Defense

I am now offering all PRIVATE classes of martial arts training up in Bear Mountain Resort (Langford/Millstream area). If you can follow the rules and be a nice training partner. Private Lessons are $50 per leasson, or $200 per 5. Times available differ but mostly run 7am to 7pm. Contact me for info: guardianmavicbc[at]gmail[dot]com.


Self-Defence Tips

Found this online. I provide it for educational purposes only. I do not condone weapon use.

Don’t make yourself a Target:

- NEVER go anywhere alone – go with as many friends as possible, get security or an employee to walk you to your car / bus. MOST MEN THINK THEY CAN OVERPOWER 2 GIRLS. So, take as many friends as possible.
- Never appear clueless or helpless. Keep your head up, stay confident and aware. DON’T walk around with an open map.
- NEVER walk around drunk or stoned
- NEVER talk on your cell phone, or look distracted, or look down while talking on your cell phone – THIS WILL NOT HELP YOU, IT SIGNALS YOU ARE AN EASY MARK
- Never carry a laptop or camera, or I-Pod, or if you must, do so in a backpack where they can’t tell what you have in there
- Never carry anything in a laptop case
- Never walk around with your purse, backpack, or fanny pack open
- Never over encumber yourself with bags or boxes; get help in carrying them from security, or an employee
- Carry an everyday tool that could double as a self-defence weapon at all times – in your purse or pocket (even when you go out to get the mail, or just run to the store)
- never attack anyone, only use this weapon for self-defence purposes
- If you feel uncomfortable, your weapon should be in your hand or very close at hand
- Surround yourself with small, easy to use, self-defence weapons in your car and home, such as: kubaton on keys, engraved metal pen, THE CLUB, coffee mug, pencil, maglight, flashlight, extendable baton, umbrella, cane, key ring, wrench, hammer, tire arm, spiked dog collar, small knife, etc. Know where they are, train with them.
- Practice often with your weapon and in practical, unarmed self-defence
- Always carry your cell phone for emergencies and talking in public well lit areas ONLY
-- REMEMBER the police cannot get there in time to help you – you are on your own, criminals know this, they don’t care who you are talking to on your phone
-- if you can’t afford a cell phone, get one with a pay as you go plan for emergencies
- Plan your route: NEVER ask for directions alone at night, if you must ask for directions and you are alone, go to a well lit area with a security camera
- WEAR PRACTICAL CLOTHING *** If you must wear high heels, or restrictive clothing, or expensive jeweler, bring a change of clothes and change in the bathroom, or in your car before and after the party ***
- Always carry a decoy purse / wallet.
- If threatened, keep away from the attacker, say “Here’s my money, take it” drop your DECOY wallet (or change purse) on the ground with some old cards and maybe $2-5 in change and old receipts and papers, while backing away make sure they go for the wallet, then RUN into a public lighted area – do not put any old ID in your decoy wallet
- If you accidentally drop your real wallet, just keep running
- ALWAYS scream and look angry when you fight – go berserk if you can, without compromising your balance
- jog with a medium sized dog, or with friends – join a jogging group. DO NOT jog, walk, or rollerblade in isolated places alone. Always carry your weapon.

Secure Your Perimeter:

- ALWAYS lock your DOORS immediately, both in your car and in your home (many women are raped or assaulted in their car or at home because they did not lock the doors and windows. KEEP THEM LOCKED AT ALL TIMES)
- check your area to make sure it is safe
- know where your closest self-defence weapon is

Always Watch for Ambush Points:

- watch for good ambush locations, avoid them
- avoid stairwells
- watch for vans in a parking lot, many women are pulled into and raped in vans, especially white cargo vans.
- avoid jogging in a wooded area at night - many women are raped here
- avoid underground university tunnels - many women are raped here
- Look under your car, and in the back seat. If he is in your car with you, crash your car in a public area, or with another car. DON’T COMPLY WITH HIS WISHES IF YOU CAN AVOID IT.
- Serial rapists and killers use pity and subterfuge: such as a wheelchair, crying baby, cane, etc. NEVER aid anyone alone, especially at night, if you must render aid, do so at a distance – GET HELP (get the super, or security, or an employee, or a passerby, or the police), DON’T APPROACH PEOPLE TO HELP THEM
– KEEP YOUR DISTANCE at all times
- NEVER turn your back on people, especially if they are hostile or belligerent
- If someone you can intimidate is getting belligerent, point at them, look them in the eye, and tell them (in the deepest voice possible) to “BACK THE FUCK OFF”. Leave the area adjacent to the hostile, not through them, nor backing away.

- Never trust strangers, even if they look nice, or have a uniform – get security to walk you but don’t drop your guard
- If possible, keep your distance from everyone. Know where everyone is around you at all times. Don’t let potential attackers get behind you. This includes people you know
- Never give in, never stop THINKING a way out
- Your best weapon is your brain, use it.
- The best attack is the unexpected attack – lull them into a false sense of security if you must.
- If you feel uncomfortable you are PROBABLY in DANGER
- Many people are mugged, abducted, raped, or killed in public in broad daylight – just because it is during the day does not mean you are safe – watch your ambush points
- NEVER go anywhere alone – it is much more inconvenient for your friends to attend your funeral than the mall, bar, or school
- If you have to go out alone go prepared, or JUST DON’T GO.
- Always secure your perimeter, always watch for ambush points.
- Always plan ahead, including your route, and your defence strategy
- Predators ARE out there. Your town is NOT safe.
- Don't walk around worried about attack - be confident in your preparations

Author Unknown

** All information is provided for educational purposes only.

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Building Character or Virtue - Jun 29, 2008

Martial arts training is all about building good character. The ancient Chinese called it the path to virtue, the ancient Greeks called it building arete, which means functional excellence, or virtue. The Greeks (Empedocles in particular) also praised attaining a state of mental awareness, called metis (pronounced may-teece - rhymes with Greece).

The ancient Greeks and Chinese seemed to have similar meditative goals, especially in Lao Tsu, Confucius, and in some of the Pre-Socratics (Pythagoras, Empedocles), Socrates, Plato, and the Stoics. Being attentive to your mental and physical states, and trying to build good character is the corner stone of internal martial arts.